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Phones as a Service

eCreek offers a customized cloud phone system with competitive rates. We include a full feature set with hassle free customer service.




Why switch to eCreek?

  • Crystal Clear HD Quality Audio
  • Save Money with Lower Monthly Rates and No Hidden Fees
  • Rapid Response Local Phone Support
  • Immediate Flexibility & Scalability
  • Includes Free Premium Features
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Including Mexico & Canada
  • Customized Solutions to Fit Your Company’s Needs
  • 5 line offices are saving $1,000 a year. Let’s see how
    much eCreek can save you!

Getting Started with eCreek Phones:

Step 1: We review your current bill to identify your existing services and pricing.
Step 2: We talk with you and your team to determine your wants and needs.
Step 3: We design the right plan for you.
Step 4: We start the process of porting your existing phone numbers.
Step 5: We build your dedicated cloud server and customize it to your needs.
Step 6: Install phones and provide training
Step 7: Go live after the scheduled phone port has completed

Common Questions

    • What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.
    • Can I keep my existing phone number? Are there costs involved? Yes, you own your phone numbers and the porting process is included. If you have more phone numbers than the number of user extensions requested, we can include this at a minimal cost.
    • How long for implementation? The process usually takes (2-4) weeks depending on your current phone provider.
    • How are we billed? eCreek bills per user extension, whether you use our equipment or purchase your own. For example: A customer using (1) phone number with (5) physical phones (user extensions), would be billed for the (5) extensions per month.
    • Is there a contract or cancellation fee? No, there is no contract or any hidden fees. We bill month to month and you may cancel at any time.
    • Is there a setup fee? There is no setup fee for (5) extensions or more. There is a nominal set up fee for less than 5 lines
    • Do features cost more?  All of the VoIP features are included at no additional cost.
    • Is international calling included? Calls made to Mexico and Canada are included at no additional cost. Nominal rates for overseas calls can be provided by request.
    • Do I purchase my phones or do you provide them?  It’s up to you. We’ll quote you prices using our equipment or help you with quotes for great phones. In many cases we can use your existing equipment.